nu Life For Old Tires

Working with our customers, we transform 2 million used tires every year from Ontario into nu and useful products. That’s not a bad thing!

Granulation For The Nation

Our granulated rubber varieties are used as feedstock for a wide range of molded rubber consumer and industrial products, as cushioning layers and bonded top surfaces for playgrounds and running tracks, and as infill for versatile athletic fields. Impressive!

A good kind of collection agency

Granulum's network of tire haulers collect almost 10,000 tires/day across Southwest Ontario.

The toil for oil

By replacing virgin rubber with Granulum crumb, our customers save over one million gallons of oil from being used in new production.


With over 30,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, Granulum can produce a variety of crumb sizes for our customer's specific requirements.
Our Unique Solutions

Collaboration and R&D

Granulum has the nationwide capacity to produce more than 10 million kg of crumb rubber annually for a wide variety of commercial applications.
Our equipment is electrically powered. An offgrid tire processing plant is a wheel possibility!
Did you know that an average car tire contains about 1.5 kg of steel?

Here's something kinda cool to know

Ontario has the most effective tire recycling program in the world!

Plan & research

Big tires, Large tires, Giant tires. What to do, what to do?

Business structure

Partner with an innovative Italian company and take a new approach


Adapt new technology to the challenges of Granulating giant tires

Program deployment

Fabricate custom processing equipment and open a new production line

Change the market

Sign processing agreements with global stakeholders and disrupt the status quo